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Caring For A Gardenia Tree

A gardenia tree is a tropical plant that can be a beautiful addition to any home or garden area. It can be kept outdoors to accent a specific area or it can be kept indoors in a pot. Many people like it because it produces big blooms but others claim that they keep the plant for the pleasing odor. The gardenia tree can be pruned down to size or you can allow it to grow naturally.

The gardenia tree has a solid wood like stem. The leaves are a dark green color and they are large, waxy and glossy. There are also thinner and long with pointy edges. The gardenia tree produces blooms in mid summer. The flowers resemble a rose but they are creamy white. While the plant is blooming a six petal star shape can be seen underneath of the bud. The bud will eventually open and the whole bloom can be seen. If these plants are not pruned they can grow to reach eight feet tall. This plant is considered a tender perennial.

The gardenia tree is pretty easy to grow. But it cannot handle lower temperatures and still thrive. It does best when the temperature does not go under sixty degrees. So many people choose to have the plant indoors. There are a few tips for growing this type of plant.

The soil you choose to plant your tree in should be acidic. You can find out if your soil contains this by doing a soil test. You can purchase these tests at any local gardening center. If the test comes out and it states that your soil does need some help, you can purchase a fertilizer to add the proper nutrients. Mix the fertilizer into the soil and water it well. Wait at least a week before you plant your tree.

The plant likes to be in a mix of shade and sun. Most flowering plants love direct sunlight and this makes these plants produce the beautiful blooms. But this plant needs a bit of shading also. Since it will not be damaged by direct sun, it won’t matter what time it receives the shading. But it is recommended that the shading occurs in the morning. This way the plant can receive plenty of strong sunshine.

Over watering can damage this plant. So you will have to make sure that you plant the gardenia tree on a raised bed. If you plan on planting more than one tree, you can use the raised garden bed method. Prepare rows in the soil and place the plant on the top of the row. The water will naturally drain ways from the hill. This plant has a delicate root system that can be damaged by too much water.

You may want to prune the plants, especially if you have a row of them. You can cut them all into a uniformed shape. A good time to do this is right after the plant loses the blooms. But you can also do it a little at a time and this is actually healthier for the tree. You should never prune more than thirty percent of any plant at once.

If you plan on keeping this plant indoors, you can make sure the pot is big enough for the root system to grow. Place it in an area with plenty of sunshine and a bit of shading. You can avoid root rot by placing holes in the bottom of the container or pot, to let the water drain away from the plant. If you place a plate under the container and excess water gathers there, empty it immediately.



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