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Tips For Proper Gardenia Care

Gardenias are very popular outdoor flowering plants, and learning proper gardenia care will help you coax these plants into reaching their full potential. One of the reasons these plants are so popular is that they are suitable for most climates. Even in colder climates, these plants are able to survive.

While the cold weather will not kill these plants, they do perform best in milder climates. They can be kept indoors or outdoors, but good gardenia care will vary based on where you choose to grow them.


When a gardenia plant is kept indoors, they do better when left in full light. Outdoor gardenia care, however, calls for only partial light.


Many know that when caring for a gardenia, high humidity is a priority. Some try to achieve this by spraying the leaves. This is not a good idea. The reason that you should not spray or mist the leaves is that it often will result in leaf spots.  Instead, be sure to keep the plant moist, but also take care not to over water.


In order to do their best, gardenia plants need a good fertilizer to be applied each month from April through November. Follow directions carefully, taking care not to over fertilize.

Even with the best care, there are some common problems associated with the gardenia. One of the most common, dropped buds, is discussed briefly below.

Dropped Buds

So you have cared for your gardenia and now it is time to reap the rewards as the buds are just about ready to bloom! Then, just before they bloom, they fall off of the plant. This frustrating problem could be the result of a number of issues relating to gardenia care.

Watering and temperature issues could be to blame.

It could even be something as simple as the plant being moved that caused the problem.

While it is not terribly difficult to care for gardenias, you must be rather diligent in order to avoid this problem.

When learning about gardenia care, it makes sense to also learn about some of the most common diseases that affect this plant. 

A few examples of such diseases are below:

Leaf Spot

This fungal problem creates spots of different sizes on the leaves of your gardenia.  Left untreated, the plant will lose all of its leaves.

Treatment involves spraying with an anti-fungal solution.

Sooty Mold

This leaf problem produces a layer of black fungus. Caused by the white fly, the best way to prevent this problem is to work to control the white fly population.

Other common gardenia diseases in include:


Cotton Root Rot

Crown Gal

Mushroom Root Rot

The plants are also susceptible to a variety of pests including:


Spider mites

For this reason, it is very important to follow pest control procedures consistent with the pests that are in your area.

Whether you keep the plants indoors or outdoors, gardenias are a beautiful addition to your home or garden. By learning proper gardenia care, you have the best chance of producing and maintaining plants that are happy, healthy and beautiful.



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